How telling that the same sanctimonious media celebrities demonizing Mr. Trump as a womanizer, bully and thoughtless manipulator of a vulnerable proletariat consistently vilify Mr. Pence as a prudish, naïve, out-of- touch Boy Scout.  Bent upon creating news rather than reporting facts, purveyors of outrageous small-talk/cheesy rumor, these truly unprofessional miscreants deserve nothing more than our heartfelt pity.

With an historically-unprecedented visit of a U.S. Secretary of State to Pyongyang negotiating from a position of strength to secure real peace on the Korean peninsula, our ‘esteemed’ media obsesses over the newly found fame of a porn star seeking  fleeting notoriety, only to be summarily discarded once the press exhausts her utility.  Void any semblance of professionalism across an increasingly clueless, viewer-less news industry we’ll soon see therapeutic cleansing of this ‘swamp’, long overdue overhauling of information dissemination and genuine truth-telling.

William G. Parrot
McHenry County

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