Open Letter to Gov. Bruce Rauner
Open Letter to Gov. Bruce Rauner

Dear Governor Bruce Rauner:

According to the documented facts and record of your political career in Illinois, you have accomplished the following achievements, during your first term as the Governor of Illinois, which are now a part of your failed LEGACY.

You have signed the following bills, which have been sponsored by the liberal Democrats, despite the “DISMAY”  and opposition of your fellow Republicans, which they believed are “OUTRAGEOUS” “RIDICULOUS” and “ILLEGAL” and against Federal Law.

  1. H.B. 40- Sponsored by Democrat Sara Feigenholtz, would expand abortion coverage for women on Medicaid and State insurance. ” I personally am pro-choice, I always have been”. H.B. 40 “will protect women’s right to choose.”
  2. S.B. 31 – Known as IL. TRUST Act. Was passed by the IL. General Assembly on May 10, 2017, bans local law enforcement from stopping, arresting, searching or detaining anyone based solely on immigration status. Millions of Conservatives of both parties, believed this bill has “turned” Illinois into a “SANCTUARY STATE.”
  3. H.B. 1785- Also known as the Transgender Birth Certificate Bill..

Although all the bills that YOU signed are EXTREMELY “mind boggling”, the H.B. 1785, is not only “out of this world”, it  also “violates human rights” and  against the “CREATION of God”.

Finally, with all the objections and advice of the Republican leaders and lawmakers in Illinois, that you MUST stick to the Republican Conservative Agenda and VETO these “SHAMEFUL” legislation, you IGNORED them and go ahead and LIED to them, including Cardinal Blase Joseph Cupich. By signing these “UNBELIEVABLE” legislation, you broke your promise and betrayed  the Illinois residents, especially the conservative Republicans who voted and supported you.  Therefore, the Illinois Republican leaders and lawmakers, including president Trump are STRONGLY considering putting up an alternative candidate for Illinois governor.

Thank you very much.

Danny Prado
Cook County

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