Decision America Tour in Springfield with Franklin Graham
Decision America Tour in Springfield with Franklin Graham

It was finally our turn. We had looked forward with anticipation for many months for the day Franklin Graham would stand on our capital steps to lead us in prayer. His plan was to visit the capitols of all states before the election.

As our bus rolled down the highway, I couldn’t help thinking back five and a half years ago when God called seven women to come together to pray for the nation we all love. Friendships were formed as we stormed heaven together once a month. Could prayers of seven women really make a difference? I Peter 3:12 says, “For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and His ears are open to their prayers.” So we prayed earnestly in faith to the God we love.

We are saddened by the condition of our nation – so we talked to Him about our concerns. Our concerns for future generations. What kind of “home” are we leaving for them? We cried out to God on their behalf. We prayed for safety, common sense, for the right to be right and wrong to be wrong again. We prayed for other groups to come together to pray all across the nation. We prayed that we would always remember that no matter what happens, God is still in control.

We arrived in Springfield and as we stepped off the bus we were delighted to see so many people. We heard later that there was an estimated 5,800 people there

We found a shady spot close to the podium and were entertained by a gentleman with a guitar and great singing voice. He sand several patriotic songs and then Franklin Graham arrived He had a message of concern, but also of encouragement. Then he led us all in prayers of repentance for “we the people” and the nation. It was very moving. So many people cried out to God together. So often we feel alone in our own little corners of the world. It was encouraging to be among so many other patriots crying out to God for the concerns of our nation.

We had wondered about protestors but there were none. I think God said, “No These are mine.” It was a good day. We went away renewed and encouraged to “keep on Keepin’ on.” Was it because Franklin Graham is such a good man? No it’s because our God is such a good God.

Donita Curry
Speer, IL

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