American Renaissance
American Renaissance

Ethically bankrupt media icons covet fame, notoriety and facetime at the expense of truth as opinion journalism dominates the 24 hour news cycle beset by outrageous leaks, damaging innuendo and baseless whim.   Character challenged career politicians hire image consultants to salvage their feckless agendas while deeply frustrated voters seek out the rare profile in political courage to save us from ourselves.

Chemically enhanced, opioid-addicted citizens wonder out loud where the promise of America has gone in the richest nation on the planet.  Mores and basic precepts revisited briefly on Sunday regrettably become afterthoughts in the fast lane, superhighway of contemporary life.

So, step aside for a private moment of reflection while media elites utterly devour one another in the narcissistic mayhem of celebrity combat and seek out real alternative sources for news.  In the meantime, revisit Scripture and your own copy of the U.S. Constitution for answers to the daunting questions of life in these United States. Toss out the optional quaaludes, wonder drugs and experience your own personal rebirth of the American dream.

William G. Parrot
McHenry County

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