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Securing Our Future

Our ability to protect children from sexual exploitation is declining every day.  The environment has become sexually saturated.  Prime-time programs on broadcast television promote casual sex, even for teens.  Pornography is impossible to avoid short of disconnecting all electronics.  Standards of dress and conduct have become eroticized.  Societal taboos about sexual experimentation have severely eroded, and internal inhibitions have steeply declined.
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Sound of Freedom?

No problem can be solved unless you can see it clearly. Too often, people jump in and act without having any real understanding of the problem--its nature and scope, its scale and dimensions. They make assumptions and conclusions, without proper investigation and clarity. The result is always the same when you act without understanding. Failure.
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The Left’s Minefield for America’s Youth

With the vast number of books, movies, and songs written commiserating the consequences of bad choices (which would include most every Country and Western song written), one would think that young Americans would not need to be told to think carefully about their choices in life.  A popular British band sang, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” not that long ago, but America’s youth apparently never got the memo! 
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Target Paints a Bull’s-Eye on Women

The purpose of a public restroom is not to make a political statement. Sex-specific facilities were designed for male and female biological differences. Safety concerns are not bigotry. Target recently highlighted its “inclusive” policy in an announcement, opening the door for any man, regardless of appearance, to stalk women and girls. Target’s policy will invite sexual predators to its stores, exposing women and girls to men peeking through cracks, over and under doors, or waiting for their next victim. Statistical data is not necessary.
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