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The “LGB” and “T” Mobs Unleash the Morality-Phobic Monster

If you haven’t been called it yet, surely, you’ve heard it: the ubiquitous epithet “transphobe.” It’s the evil spawn of “homophobe.” I don’t mean those accused of being “transphobes” are evil spawns of “homophobes.” I mean the term “transphobe” is the evil spawn of the spurious term “homophobe.” In a recent opinion piece in the New York Times, British writer...
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Conversation with Homosexual Journalist

I was part of an extended Facebook conversation with Chuck Colbert, a homosexual journalist from the Boston area who graduated from Notre Dame University but has renounced his Catholic faith and converted to Reform Judaism. He expressed virtually every fallacious claim that homosexual ideologues everywhere express—claims that conservatives should be prepared to refute. In the service of helping to equip IFI readers for such conversations, here are some of his claims (in boldface) followed by rebuttals.

1.) “Jesus said nothing about gay people.”

First, Jesus also says nothing about pedophilia, incest, rape, polyamory, sadomasochism, voyeurism, or infantilism. Are we

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Identity Politics and Paraphilias: Incest

Mike Miller at the Independent Journal Review posted a Tweet from Fox News’ Brit Hume about the University of Kansas Gender “pronoun buttons” — Hume Tweeted, “Is there no end to this foolishness?”

What foolishness? Miller reports that “Signs in the university’s various libraries explain the purpose of the buttons”:

Because gender is, itself, fluid and up to the individual. Each person has the right to identify their own pronouns, and we encourage you to ask before assuming someone’s gender. Pronouns matter!

Misgendering someone can have lasting consequences, and using the incorrect pronoun can be hurtful, disrespectful, and invalidate someone’s

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Here Comes Incest, Just as Predicted

If all human beings should have the right to marry (or simply be with) the one they love, as proponents of same-sex marriage constantly tell us, then why shouldn’t adult, incestuous couples enjoy that same “right”? Hollywood director Nick Cassavetes is the latest to say, “Why not?”, and I for one am not in the least bit surprised.

Simply stated, with the public endorsement of same-sex relationships, the endorsement (or at least acceptance) of consensual, adult, incestuous relationships is the next step. Consider the following:

  • Already in April, 2007, Time Magazine featured a major article entitled, “Should Incest Be
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Adult Consensual Incest is A’Comin’

Perhaps we can be forgiven for remaining blithely ignorant of just how depraved societies that abandon true faith can become. Until today, I did not know that incest between consenting adults is legal in China, France, Israel, the Ivory Coast, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain and Turkey. In Spain the age of consent is 13.

In Switzerland, where consensual incest between “second-degree” relatives like aunts and nephews or between cousins is already legal, the Upper House of Parliament recently proposed a law decriminalizing consensual sex between “first-degree” relatives (e.g., between fathers and daughters or between siblings). The age of consent in …

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