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Equality vs. “Equity”

For the past 250 years, the United States of America has existed upon a simple yet profound truth, that all men are created equal before God. Of course, it is undeniable that America has not always lived up to this truth. But the true story of America is not one defined by our shortcomings; rather, it is defined by how we have overcome our shortcomings to realize true equality under law. With that said, why is legally recognized equality considered insufficient nowadays? According to the proponents of such a question, it is because “equity” must replace “equality” as the paramount virtue to strive for.
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Abortion Defense: A Satanic “Act of Worship”

Last month, I shared a few stories from 40 Days for Life, a worldwide pro-life ministry of presence and prayer outside abortion centers. Created Equal, a pro-life ministry based in Ohio, focuses mainly on reaching people in urban areas and on college campuses. But they go to abortion centers too, and as they went about their work, they began to detect a disturbing trend. They were being increasingly harassed by abortion advocates who identified with Satanism. Sometimes the opposition came with violence and fury.

“At first,” said president and founder Mark Harrington, “we wondered if our experience …

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