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After School Satanist Clubs Allowed in Elementary Schools?

After-school clubs for elementary school children have become prevalent throughout the United States in the last few decades. As more families have either two working parents or, too often, a single working parent, the need for supervised care at the end of the school day has become essential. Although after-school care is vital to these families, we must ask who runs these programs? In two Midwest elementary schools, the answer is unnerving. The Satanic Temple has started an after-school program, and its pilot schools are in Ohio and Illinois.
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Abortion Defense: A Satanic “Act of Worship”

Last month, I shared a few stories from 40 Days for Life, a worldwide pro-life ministry of presence and prayer outside abortion centers. Created Equal, a pro-life ministry based in Ohio, focuses mainly on reaching people in urban areas and on college campuses. But they go to abortion centers too, and as they went about their work, they began to detect a disturbing trend. They were being increasingly harassed by abortion advocates who identified with Satanism. Sometimes the opposition came with violence and fury.

“At first,” said president and founder Mark Harrington, “we wondered if our experience …

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