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What Are Gov. Pritzker’s Priorities?

In the midst of the COVID-19 craziness, it is alarming to recognize there are many who are willing to use our current health crisis for their own gain and/or agenda. As these snollygosters and media types grandstand, I cannot help but think of Rahm Emanuel’s infamous quote, “never let a crisis go to waste.”

Ironically, Emanuel first used that phrase in 2008 during the nation’s financial crash and then again last week in response to our nation’s coronavirus emergency. Is it a repackaging of one of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, in which he writes “in the …

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National Day of Prayer

President Donald J. Trump has called for a National Day of Prayer this Sunday. While there is never a lack of serious issues to pray about, the level of anxiety and even fear among citizens is at a level many of us have never seen before. The need for national corporate prayer by Christians is indisputable.

While some politicians and media pundits are working overtime to have us believe that the federal or state government can save us, we know that God is sovereign (Psalm 103:19) over the affairs of all creation. It is to Him we must turn when …

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National Day of Prayer

Leftist Hostility to Pence, Prayer, and God

A meme circulating Facebook depicts a disconcerting dystopian scene: A man in a trench he cannot climb out of is warming himself before a fire; he has used the rungs of the ladder he could have used to climb out of the trench to build the fire. So, he has destroyed his own means of freedom for temporary comfort.
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