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Good Enough for Your Children (But Not Theirs)

Sexual Abuse of Children in Public Schools

In an excellent essay by journalist, Alex Newman published on January 5, 2022, entitled, Illinois Public Schools Battle Plague of Violence, Sexual Abuse, the author points out the deplorable scandal of children being physically and sexually abused in Illinois’ public schools. Another similar article ran on January 14, 2022.

The sexual abuse of children has been happening in Chicago’s public schools for years. Consider the Chicago Public School scandal that was exposed by the Chicago Tribune and others in August 2018. There were thousands of reports of sexual harassment (including many sexual …

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Shocking Sex-Ed Material in 5th Grade

Parents of 5th grade students at Andrew Jackson Language Academy, a West Side Chicago Public School magnet school, were stunned and repelled by the binder of sex ed material that they were shown recently during an after-school presentation about the upcoming sex ed class.
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