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Good Friday Gives Us Hope

"He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed." ~1 Peter 2:24
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LEFTISM: A Study in Hate

Many people throw the word “hate” around frequently and carelessly. One must wonder if they know what it means.  Examine a dictionary and you will discover it associated with words like intense dislike, detest, and loath. In the Bible the word is sometimes used to refer to the results of foolish actions, such as stating that a parent who fails to discipline a child hates him, because an undisciplined child is at great risk. A spoiled child, who does not get something he wants from a parent, such as a toy, may complain that the parent “hates” him! Much like Leftists who claim that those who resist their immorality “hate” them! Like anarchists they demand the freedom to do whatever they wish.
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It’s the Courts, Stupid

When Bill Clinton was running for president in 1992, his campaign strategist James Carville gave him the formula for success: Focus on the economy. In Carville’s famous words, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

Today, President Donald Trump could easily campaign with a similar mantra, since many Americans are pleased with the economic uptick under his leadership.

But, in terms of a lasting legacy, in terms of societal impact, the real mantra should be, “It’s the courts, stupid.” You can be assured that Trump and his Republican colleagues have a good grasp on this already.

And now, with a strengthened majority …

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Andrew Marin at Park Community Church

Andrew Marin, the controversial founder and president of the Marin Foundation, is speaking next week at Park Community Church in Chicago. This is surprising in that from its website Park Community appears to be a theologically orthodox church.

Marin promotes himself as a bridge-builder between the Christian community and the homosexual community and has written a book on the subject titled Love is an Orientation. It is not Marin’s desire to reach the unsaved that is troubling. We should all seek to bring the good news of Christ’s redemptive work to those who identify as homosexual. Rather, …

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