PODCAST: Valedictorian’s Shameful Plea for Child Sacrifice

Paxton Smith, a card-carrying member of the Cult of Self, just revealed her narcissistic bona fides in her valedictory diatribe advocating for human slaughter at Lake Highlands High School in Richardson, Texas. She dumped her pre-approved speech and replaced it with a controversial political polemic.

In an act of surpassing selfishness and presumptuousness, Smith used a once-in-a-lifetime family celebration to spread her poisonous belief that women’s rights depend on their ability to have their children killed, and she did that in front of the young siblings, grandparents, and parents of her classmates.

And to make a contemptible story worse, in multiple interviews Paxton Smith’s father Russell Smith said he feels “immense pride” in his daughter’s decision to ruin other people’s special day. Apparently, Russell Smith has no feelings of sorrow about the eagerness of his daughter to be free to exterminate inconvenient grandchildren.

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Laurie's Chinwags
PODCAST: Valedictorian's Shameful Plea for Child Sacrifice
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