PODCAST: Socially Constructing Polymorphous Perversity

As I said in an interview with Elizabeth Economou, who writes for Laura Ingraham’s Lifezette, “The Left likes to think that every belief with which they disagree is a product of social conditioning, never questioning whether their ideology is a product of conditioning.” There is no better evidence for that claim than the science-denying “trans” mythology—a profoundly destructive mythology—that is a messy stickywicket of contradictions.

“Trans”-identifying persons claim to be persons of the opposite sex, but how do they arrive at such a bizarre notion? Well, they usually say they know they are the sex they are not because they fancy the socially constructed styles and activities that society has arbitrarily assigned to and associated with the opposite sex. But if such styles and activities are socially constructed and arbitrary, how can fancying them mean anything intrinsic about their sexual identities? The “trans”-wicket denies both the meaning of biological sex and the value of stereotypes even as their mythology depends on both.

There are three important truths that get lost in “progressive” discussions of “stereotyping”…



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