PODCAST: Female-Impersonating Teacher Uses Girls’ Restroom

Mark Vincent Busenbark, a middle-aged man with a cross-dressing alter ego he calls Vica Steel, has been creating intellectual and moral havoc in Frank Allis Elementary School in Madison, Wisconsin for over a year. Last school year, Busenbark, a science teacher, created a creepy video about his creepy predilection for cross-dressing and pretending to be sometimes a man and sometimes a woman. Then, with the permission of his administration, he presumptuously showed his creepy “coming out” video to all K-5 students without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

In this video, he describes in biased language his disordered and delusional view of his sex, asks to be referred to as Mx. Steel, asks that students refer to him by the absurd pronouns “they,” “them,” and  “theirs” (presumably to accommodate his multiple imaginary personae) and then reads a picture book about a little girl who identifies as both female and male, which he tells the students is “just like” his story.

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