Identity Politics and Paraphilias: Irrationality & Necrophilia
By John Biver   |   09.19.17
Oh, those poor comedians. What used to be a joke is now, well, supposed to be taken seriously. How can those witty comics compete with the LGBT movement and its irrationality? I'm just going excerpt three paragraphs from an article by Taylor Fogarty at The Federalist:
The Creepy Tale of a D.C. Law Firm, the APA, and IFI
By Laurie Higgins   |   09.15.17
IFI received a return-request letter via priority mail this week from Dunner Law, a law firm based in Washington D.C. that specializes in intellectual property law. The letter came from Adam Sikich, senior counsel with Dunner Law (and according to his bio, a “Star Wars aficionado”) on behalf of Dunner's “Client,” the American Psychological Association (APA). In this letter, Sikich kinda, sorta implied Dunner might slap IFI with a $150,000 lawsuit ...
TERF Wars Heating Up
By Laurie Higgins   |   09.13.17
The sexual revolution is a ravenous monster, devouring everything good in sight, and especially savoring the most precious of delicacies: the flesh, hearts, and minds of children. The newest—but not last—manifestation of the sexual revolution is “transgenderism.” To capture and devour children and adults has required some cunning and now familiar strategic maneuvers...
Identity Politics and Paraphilias: Sports & Exhibitionism
By John Biver   |   09.11.17
Leftists are increasingly making it easier for social conservatives to convey their message of common sense to the public at large. No better example of this exist than how male/female sports are being impacted. Here are short excerpts from two writers on the topic -- first up is Joy Pullmann -- here is the title of her post:
Paraphilias of the Day: Pedophilia, Hebephilia, Ephebophilia, and Pederasty
By John Biver   |   09.09.17
What the heck is hebephilia? At times it can be difficult to keep over 500 paraphilias straight, since so many of them run together. Heaven forbid that we confuse any of this — the spelling and/or the age brackets. A recent post at BarbWire included this line:
Change Your Gender? Option Now Available for Birth Certificates
By Monte Larrick   |   09.08.17
Schools and churches in Illinois could soon begin feeling the impact of legislation signed into law by Governor Rauner. Beginning January 1, 2018, residents will be allowed to change the sex designation on their birth certificates without having to undergo surgery.
Downers Grove Village Council Ousts Only Conservative Library Board Member in Service of Inclusion
By Laurie Higgins   |   09.07.17
Can you hear the harmonious choir of diverse voices echoing from the Downers Grove Public Library Board of Trustees? You can’t? Oh, that’s right, Tuesday night in the service of diversity and inclusion, the Downers Grove Village Council expelled the one conservative member from the library board.
Charlottesville: A Return to the Topic of Identity Politics
By John Biver   |   09.06.17
It is time to return to our Identity Politics and Paraphilias series, and events surrounding Charlottesville serve as the path back. This focus on identity politics is important because while it’s being written about a lot, in my view it’s still not receiving the serious level of discussion that it deserves. Leftists want to fundamentally transform the United States. Unfortunately, they do not nearly have the level of support they need to accomplish it...
Stop the Presses! Columnist Admits He’s Not a Theologian!
By Laurie Higgins   |   09.01.17
Leftist Chicago Tribune columnist Rex Huppke has penned a column titled on the recently released Nashville Statement. His article is titled “150 Evangelicals DENY love for LGBT people.” The Nashville Statement is a critically important and desperately needed document that succinctly affirms theologically orthodox positions on homosexuality, marriage, and the objective goodness and immutability of maleness and femaleness...
West Chicago Library Votes to Retain Age Inappropriate Picture Book
On August 28th, the West Chicago Public Library Board voted 6-1 to retain the homosexuality-celebrating picture book This Day in June. IFI thanks you for your support in emailing the library director Benjamin Weseloh to share your concerns about this book.
Totalitarian Librarians Rage About Pitman Picture Book Controversy
By Laurie Higgins   |   08.29.17
Never poke a sleeping bear or the ideology of “tolerant” librarians. IFI’s recent article  by John Biver about a controversy brewing in West Chicago over a picture book for young children that positively portrays the homosexuality-celebrating “pride” parades that pollute city streets throughout the country every June has unleashed the fury of freedom-lovin’ librarians across the nation.
Boy Scouts to Go Co-Ed? YIKES!
By Laurie Higgins   |   08.28.17
The Girl Scouts USA (GSUSA) has got a collective case of the vapors over their discovery of a “covert campaign to recruit girls into programs run by the Boy Scouts.”  How dare the Boy Scouts of America (BSA)...
Gov. Rauner Endorses Falsified Birth Certificates, Abandons Ethics and Science
By Laurie Higgins   |   08.25.17
Left-leaning Governor Bruce Rauner just signed HB 1785 into law, making it even easier than it already is for men and women who pretend to be the opposite sex to acquire falsified birth certificates. Gender-pretenders can now acquire birth certificates that falsely identify them as the sex they are not and that falsely state that this identification happened at birth, which it did not.
Children’s Book ‘This Day in June’: Propaganda for Children Available at Your Local Library
By John Biver   |   08.25.17
Picture this: You’re at the library with your three-and-a-half-year-old daughter whose attention is grabbed by a colorfully illustrated children’s book. She takes it off the shelf and asks you what the book is about. You are happy to oblige until...
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Laurie Higgins Interviewed about LGBTQIA and ‘Trans’ Ideology
By John Biver   |   08.24.17
Are you ready for the “greatest cultural revolution in history?” IFI's Laurie Higgins was recently interviewed by both John Mauck of Mauck & Baker, LLC, and by Mark Elfstand on his “Let’s Talk” show.  Both programs are on WYLL radio (1160 AM), and can be heard throughout most of the state.
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Change Your Gender? Option Now Available for Birth Certificates
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