The Saddest Question
The Saddest Question
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“Knowest thou not that the Philistines are rulers over us?”
~Judges 15:11 

These are the words that the men of Judah said to Samson when the Philistines were after him. I think they are the saddest words I have ever read. God had given the land to the children of Israel. It belonged to them by the oracles and promises of God. It had been promised to them from the time of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Under the leadership of Joshua that land had been conquered and belonged to the children of Israel. 

But now, years later, because they had turned away from the Lord, they had been taken over again by the Philistines. These men of Judah were so deceived that they actually believed that the Philistines were there rulers! They had become servants! They had become victims.

Yes, that is what they were experiencing, but they had forgotten the truth! The real truth was that the land belonged to them by God-given mandate! They were deceived! Over the years, their minds had been slowly seduced and now a new generation had grown up believing a lie!

Why are these such sad words? Because they are indicative of our situation today. America was founded on holiness and God’s principles as the Pilgrims walked humbly before God. But now, the humanists, the feminists and the abortionists are ruling over us! This is not how it’s meant to be. 

Isn’t it sad that even many of God’s people are brainwashed by humanist philosophy. It is so part of their lives, that they don’t even realize that so much of their thinking is humanistic. And yet it is opposite to the thinking of the Bible.

Oh may God wake us up. The “Philistines” are not our rulers. Samson did not give into the lie. He was only one lone voice but he defied the Philistines. He defeated the Philistines and became a judge over Israel for 20 years. 

I am always challenged by that scripture in Romans 3:4, “Let God be true, but every man a liar.” I often ask myself, “Am I prepared to stand for God’s truth even if everyone else is doing something different?” The way of the majority is not always the right way. It is only God’s way that is right, even if it is the narrow way and few are following it.

May God give us discernment. May we see clearly through all lies and deception. May God give us courage to stand for truth and walk in the light in the midst of darkness. May we not only put on our armor to protect ourselves from the onslaughts of the enemy but may God give us courage to be on the offensive – to use our sword, the truth of the Word of God, against the deceptions of the enemy.

Written by Nancy Campbell.   Nancy is the Editor of Above Rubies, a magazine to bring strength and encouragement to marriage, motherhood and family life.  Printing since 1977, Above Rubies continues to spread across the world to be a life-line to mothers, marriages, and families.  Nancy and her husband, Collin are enjoying their 51st year of marriage and the blessing of many grandchildren. 

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