More Scandalous Sex Ed
More Scandalous Sex Ed
Written By Laurie Higgins   |   11.24.14
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Before the dust has settled on a school sex ed controversy in Chicago, another outrageous sexuality “education” scandal has erupted, this time in Oregon.

School personnel and students as young as 11 years old from 16 school districts were invited to the annual Adolescent Sexuality Conference in Seaside, Oregon.

Available material included handouts and pamphlets that encourage adolescent “dry humping” to save lives, “cyber and phone sex…bathing together, shaving each other, wearing each other’s underwear, role playing, buying an extra-large pair of pajama bottoms to sleep in together, lap dances and strip teases…” and discuss meth use for having “lots of sex with lots of partners for long periods.”

There was also “a workshop where the speaker brought students to a porn website and taught them to program virtual women….When you press a certain command, it tells her to perform various sexual acts.”

Interestingly, when interviewed, Brad Victor, the director of the conference (which receives government funding), arrogantly and stubbornly refused to answer questions about the controversial content. Ironically, he characterized questions about the controversial materials as “inappropriate.” Click here to watch the illuminating news report.

Sex “educator” or perverse porn purveyor?

Keynote speaker Cory Silverberg shared that “Teledildonics basically refers to the control of sex toys over the Internet; the remote use of sex toys.” Silverberg is a Canadian sex educator and former founder of the “anti-capitalist, egalitarian” sex toy co-op called “Come As You Are.”

Silverberg wrote the book What Makes a Baby, a picture book for children from preschool to age 8 that teaches them about the ways homosexuals and “transgenders” acquire children.

Homosexual activists become unhinged about any social science research that comes to conclusions they don’t like, applying standards to these studies that they would never apply to studies whose conclusions they like. Well, sexpert Cory Silverberg wrote in one of his articles that “some activities… (like using vibrators) are more popular among observant Christians.”

Surprised by such a claim, I pursued it a bit further, following the link Silverberg provided and found the source of this peculiar statement. In another article about vibrators,  Silverberg wrote this: “According to Xandria Collection’s ‘Toys in the Sheets’ survey, the most common vibrator user was a white Christian married woman, in her thirties, who votes Republican.” The website Xandria Collection has been selling “sex toys and adult accessories for an amazing 40 years.” Yes, folks, the source for his dubious claim was a survey conducted by an online sex toy website.

Silverberg has also written multiple articles for Huffington Post’s “education” section. Here are two titles:

  • What Gender Doesn’t Have to Do With Making Babies,” in which he says that in his book on how babies are made he explains that “some bodies have eggs and some don’t. Some bodies have sperm and some don’t. Some bodies have a uterus and some don’t.” But he emphasizes that he does not “gender the bodies” or “gender their parts.” He refuses to identify male body parts with men or female body parts with women because some people who claim to be men are in reality women, and some people who claim to be women are in reality men. And these are the bizarre notions that comprehensive sex “educators” want taught to even our youngest children in public schools funded by taxpayers.
  •  “We Need a New Orientation to Sex” in which he complains that “Embedded in this idea of sexual orientation is the (false) notion that there are two sexes, and two genders, and that gender is the central focus and most important aspect of sexual desire.”

Twenty years ago, most Americans would have viewed adults who would expose other people’s children to the kind of perversity that children were exposed to at this conference as, well, perverts. But now this kind of person is being invited into and paid by our schools. Their arguable notions about human sexuality and flourishing are informing or rather deforming curricula. Teachers are taking the befouling ideas, values, and beliefs they pick up from these conferences into the classroom to twist the minds of other people’s children and undermine both innocence and modesty.

What parents can and should do

  • Parents in every community in America should be asking their elementary, middle, and high school administrators to see all curricular and supplementary sex ed resources that may be presented to students or that teachers are being exposed to in professional development seminars, workshops, and conferences. And they should ask to be informed of any speakers who will be invited to speak to students.
  • Parents should inform their public school administrations and their children’s teachers that under no circumstance are their children to be exposed to any resources or activities that address homosexuality, gender confusion, sexual fantasy, or masturbation.
  • Parents should insist that the only information teachers should convey to middle and high school students about pornography is that there is an abundance of research suggesting that pornography use affects the neurochemistry of the brain resulting in addiction, low libido, and erectile dysfunction in young men. Physiology teacher and TED Talk speaker Gary Wilson, writes that “In May 2014, JAMA Psychiatry published a study by the Max Planck Institute. It found that years and hours of porn use correlated with loss of grey matter in the brain’s reward system. Lead researcher Kühn stated that study results ‘could mean that regular consumption of pornography more or less wears out your reward system.’” This is what educators who truly care about the health and welfare of children would teach them.
  • Parents should insist that teachers share with middle and high school students the most current research from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on the health risks for the group the CDC designates “men who have sex with men” (MSM):

1.)  [Men who have sex with men] represent approximately 2 percent of the United States population, yet are the population most severely affected by HIV. In 2010, young gay and bisexual men (aged 13-24 years) accounted for 72 percent of new HIV infections among all persons aged 13 to 24, and 30 percent of new infections among all gay and bisexual men. See source here.

2.)  In 2012, 75 percent of the reported [primary and secondary] syphilis cases were among men who have sex with men (MSM). See source here.

Parents and Concerned Taxpayers: Be pro-active. Insist on the research about MSM and porn use be taught to middle and high school students, and insist that all pornographic, inappropriate material and ideas  be prohibited from being presented to students. Trying to remove malignant materials from public schools is much more difficult than preventing them from getting a muddy foothold in the first place.

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