Newsroom Disconnect
By Jonathan Alban   |   09.28.22
Are today’s journalists and news outlets doing their jobs well? According to journalists themselves, yes. According to the public, no.
What is the Church Teaching?
By Jonathan Alban   |   09.07.22
What do you expect from your church? Biblical preaching? A community where biblical values are exemplified by clergy and laity alike? A recent poll from George Barna’s Cultural Research Center (CRC) indicates that these are no longer reasonable expectations in American churches.
Jonathan Alban
Jonathan Alban

Jonathan and his two siblings grew up in the Chicago suburbs, and were homeschooled through high school. Jonathan then attended the Cleveland Institute of Music for two years, pursuing a B.M. in Timpani and Percussion Performance. He is now at New Saint Andrew’s college pursuing a B.A. in Liberal Arts and Culture.

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