The Effeminacy of Silence
By Douglas Wilson   |   08.23.19
We have had multiple stories we could use to illustrate how this works, three a day on average, but let me just pick one of the gaudier ones—drag queens in the kids’ section of our libraries. There are three basic kinds of characters in these stories. First, we have the drag queens grooming the little kids, and the lesbian librarians who set it all up. Second, we have a goodly number of Joe Six-packs, watching the news about this latest travesty as it comes on the 48 television sets at their favorite sports bar, with all of them saying, “What the hell?!” or the rough equivalent. And then third, we have the effeminacy of silence everywhere else.
Smashmouth Incrementalism
By Douglas Wilson   |   10.11.17
A recent development within the pro-life movement has both a heartening and disheartening aspect. I am talking about the rise of the “abolish human abortion now” sentiment. This in one sense is the whole point of being pro-life, and so ...
In the Pot Nine Days Old
By Douglas Wilson   |   09.21.16
Let us talk for a moment about the way appeasement usually goes, and begin by citing Churchill in his trenchant response to Chamberlain. “You were given the choice between war and dishonour. You chose dishonour and you will have war.”
Whoa and Giddyup
By Douglas Wilson   |   08.16.16
Self-control is not a virtue that can be tucked away in one small portion of our lives. We have seen that it applies everywhere, and that when a people are self-governed, they are in a position to enjoy free government....
The Fourth of July in Vanity Fair
By Douglas Wilson   |   07.05.16
My topic, if you could not guess from the cryptic title, is religious liberty. Vanity Fair, if you have not guessed, does not celebrate the Fourth of July. That’s a problem. Lots of Americans still celebrate it, but because we...
The Pride of Life in a Codpiece
By Douglas Wilson   |   04.23.16
As the bathroom wars continue to unfold, and as the advocates of totalitolerance continue to embrace the arts of coercion, as they continue to bombard us with ideas so fine they have to be mandatory, it has been natural for...
The Fall of Western Snivelization
By Douglas Wilson   |   11.20.15
It is as though someone dropped our culture, what remains of it, into a fifty gallon drum of solvent, and then complained loudly when the whole thing wound up as a solution. That’s not the kind of solution I meant, complained the president.
Book of the Month/October 2015
By Douglas Wilson   |   10.02.15
I had the privilege a few weeks ago of speaking together with Anthony Esolen at the Illinois Family Institute. His talk was fantastic — he has the kind of subtlety that is vigorous, lively, understandable, and brave. He is not...
A Duty to Interpose
By Douglas Wilson   |   09.25.15
One of the things we must absolutely learn how to do better than we do is distinguish things that differ, especially things that look similar but which differ radically. We must learn to say, as Dorothy Sayers once famously said, distinguo. I distinguish.
In Which I Paint With Some Bright Yellows
By Douglas Wilson   |   09.04.15
A consensus appears to be developing among otherwise reasonable people that Kim Davis, of Rowan County fame, either needs to start issuing marriage licenses or quit her job. For those just joining us, a county clerk in Kentucky is refusing...
Got No Secrets to Conceal
By Douglas Wilson   |   08.17.15
We are not that far into the Planned Parenthood calamity, but I think we are far enough into it to ask the secularists how they like being on the wrong side of history. And as Dylan once put it in...
Liberal Like Me
By Douglas Wilson   |   08.14.15
The next video is up. No graphic images this time — just more chilling testimony. I have been saying that one of our central tasks in the unfolding Planned Parenthood mess is to make defenders of the indefensible try to...
Douglas Wilson
Douglas Wilson

Doug Wilson is a Senior Fellow of Theology at New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho, and pastor at Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho.  Mr. Wilson is a prolific author whose works include Rules for Reformers, Five Cities that Ruled the World,Excused Absence: Should Christian Kids Leave Public School?, and Future Men: Raising Boys to Fight Giants. He is one of the editors of the popular homeschooling Omnibus series.  He and his wife Nancy are the parents of three children and 16 grandchildren.

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