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Visionary Parenting with Dr. Rob Reinow

Parenting is tough. Aside from having to keep little people (often with sizeable attitudes) alive, parents are also entrusted with the responsibility of training their child in the way he (or she) should go - so that they love the Lord and live it out. That last one is difficult and can easily fall by the wayside. So whether you’re a new parent who’s struggling, or a confident experienced parent, this sermon by Dr. Rob Reinow from Visionary Family Ministries is a must-see.
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Helping Your Teen Walk With God

The teen years are vitally important for your son or daughter’s spiritual life. Most teens experience dramatic ups and downs in their faith and relationship with God. Your student needs a spiritual connection with you more than ever before.

Whether your student is spiritually thriving or struggling, this seminar with Dr. Rob Rienow will encourage you. You will be equipped with key Scriptures and practical ways that you can build a stronger relationship with your teen so you can help them follow Jesus.

This FREE seminar is sponsored by Wheaton Academy & Visionary Family Ministries

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Visionary Marriage Conference

God has a mission for you as a husband and wife. Come and discover it. In this conference, married and engaged couples will be inspired to embrace a compelling, Bible driven mission for their lives together; forgive and work through conflict; partner together to build faith and character in their children and build a multi-generational legacy for Christ and His Kingdom.
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Visionary Parenting & Grandparenting Seminar

God blessed you with children for a reason. Come and discover it! Catch a vision for the spiritual life of your family; Create a less chaotic and more peaceful home; Pass faith and character to your children; Practice effective Biblical discipline; Win the hearts of your children.
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Tech, Faith, & Family Seminar

Your student lives in a world surrounded and infused by technology. Communication is instant. Friendships take place “online” sometimes even more than in “real life.” This “connected” world brings new opportunities and new dangers. How do we navigate these together as a family?
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Visionary Parenting & Grandparenting

Parenting can be a challenge but the souls of our children are our most important Great Commission calling. God has entrusted you with children for a reason. The biblical purpose of parenting is to do all in our power to impress the hearts of our children with a love for God. Join Rob Rienow from Visionary Family Ministries for a workshop from 4-6 P.M. on how to make disciples in the next generation whether you are a parent or grandparent.
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Not So Perfect Mom with Amy Rienow

Many moms feel pressure and guilt from chasing perfection. The list of items on the “I should be a mom who” list is endless! Striving for perfection has a significant effect on the relationships moms are trying to nurture in their homes. Amy Rienow offers encouragement and hope to build healthy relationships with your kids, parenting them well and with joy. She will give practical reminders that will help you embrace each day and make real heart-connections with your children.
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Visionary Parenting Seminar

This is an event for parents about raising your children Biblically. More details to come in the near future. Please RSVP to Linda Michel: lmichel@wheatonbible.org.

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Teens and Tech Seminar


Is there an app for that?

Tech affects everyone, including us and our teens. It can bring both new opportunities and new dangers. So how can we learn to better connect with each other and honor God through our use of it?

You and your 6-12th grade teen(s) are invited to join us on Sunday, September 15th, from 5-8 p.m. at Trinity Lutheran School in Bloomington (1102 W. Hamilton). Dr. Rob Rienow, of Visionary Family Ministries, will lead discussion on Navigating Tech Together. Light dinner will be provided. A parent Q&A time, plus games, music, and …

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