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A Plea to Exit Public Schools ASAP

While claiming they don’t believe homoerotic attraction is biologically determined, far too many conservatives act as if they do so believe. If conservatives really disbelieved the assertion by leftists that homoerotic attraction is biologically determined, they—that is, conservatives—would be far more vigorously opposed to their children being “educated” in public schools. If conservatives really believed that a child’s environment can contribute to the development of homoerotic attraction (and later to volitional homoerotic activity), then they would remove them immediately from any context that introduces them to positive ideas and images of homoeroticism, including especially public schools.

Here in Illinois, such …

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Better Off Dead

I was born in the 60’s with spina bifida to a 16-year-old unwed mother before it was legal to kill unplanned, unwanted, and/or damaged children. I was all three. But “killed” isn’t a nice word, so, maybe I should modify my terminology like a recent couple who claims to have aborted their 22-week-old daughter with spina bifida, out of a “desire to free [her] from a life of likely suffering.” They claim to have made the decision “entirely for her.”
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