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The GOP’s Shameful “Pride Coalition”

The Republican National Committee announced its first ever “RNC Pride Coalition” over the weekend, partnering with the Log Cabin Republicans elected ideological kinds of Republicans—the kind that reject orthodox Judeo-Christian morality regarding sexuality. This despite the fact that this partnership violates the GOP Platform, which has long opposed LGBTQ activism.
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Foxes in Sheep’s Clothing in the Rainbow-Ish GOP Henhouse

Here's why Richard Grenell is a disaster for the Republican Party. Republican cross-sex passer "Gina" Roberts—a biological man who tries to pass as a woman—tweeted about how “incredibly accepted” he felt at the Log Cabin Republican booth at CPAC. Richard Grenell retweeted Roberts' tweet to which Lauren Witzke responded, "We're celebrating mental illness now?"

Grenell than replied foolishly, "No. We are celebrating that God made everyone and people being respectful. Try it."
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Fox vs. CNN in Gay GOP Battle

U.S. Republican House Speaker John Boehner (OH), who came under fire from conservatives for resisting the creation of a Benghazi select committee until the scandal got too big to ignore, is under fire from conservatives once again. On Saturday he raised funds for Carl DeMaio, a gay Republican congressional candidate at the center of a scandal to turn the GOP into a gay-friendly political party like the Obama Democrats.

DeMaio, charged with sexual harassment and exhibitionism, is one of the Republican “young guns” getting official Republican money and support. But he has also enjoyed the strong support of Fox …

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