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If You Care About Children and America’s Future, Keep Your Kids Out of Public Schools

Once upon a time, I held a naïve hope that public education could be pried loose from the iron grip of self-righteous, presumptuous, intolerant, diversity-loathing, illiberal, idea-banning, bullying leftists fluent in Newspeak. That was then. This is now.

Now I know that is not possible—at least not in time to educate properly children who are currently in school or soon-to-be in school. There are good signs that a movement is afoot to challenge the MAN—who now is a homosexual, drag queen who uses the pronouns fae, faer, faers, and faerself.
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Vital & Timely Sermon: Christians in America

Pastor Johnson of Gospel Fellowship Church in Wheaton recently preached a powerful sermon for such a time as this titled “Christians in America: Persevering Faithfully (Part 1)” regarding the blessing of self-government and how Christians should steward that blessing today.  He makes clear that through the promotion of abortion, homosexuality, riots, and gubernatorial abuse of power, we are living in a time in which evil is celebrated as good. Pastor Johnson’s sermon is exactly the kind of sermon for which Christians all across the country pray their pastors and priests will preach.
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Faith Leaders Confuse Christians

Before the sexual revolution took root in America’s cultural institutions, there existed pervasive agreement—both explicit and tacit—about sexuality, marriage, children’s rights, and religious liberty. Sexual immorality of all forms existed but was appropriately stigmatized... Now such forms of immorality are not merely out of the closet, in city and suburban centers, and in broad daylight but in our schools and even houses of worship.
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