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Chicago CasiNO!?

On February 28th, the Illinois Senate passed SB 7 - a massive gambling bill - by a vote of 31-26. Yet for lawmakers with an insatiable hunger for revenue at the expense of well-documented social costs, it wasn't enough. Yesterday, the Illinois Senate passed an amended version of SB 7 to exploit even more citizens, by a vote of 33-24 with 1 voting present. (See roll call chart below.)
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Illinois Senate Expands, then Passes Another Huge Gambling Bill

Yesterday, the Illinois Senate put two amendments on SB 7 -a massive gambling bill- and then called the bill for a vote without a committee hearing. This proposal authorizing casinos in Chicago, Rockford, Danville, Lake County, south suburbs of Chicago, Williamson County and 4 casinos at racetracks. It is important to note that this legislation would legalize a city-owned casino for Chicago with a perpetual license that cannot be revoked or suspended. No other city in the United States owns a casino.
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ERA is Back — AGAIN!

The ERA claims to be a simple amendment that gives equal rights to women. In reality, the ERA will actually harm women, their families, and our society. The major problem with the ERA is its wording. It simply states "Equality of rights under law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State on account of sex." In essence, women are not being guaranteed equal rights; rather gender is being removed as a legal characteristic on which to base distinctions.
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