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Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death?

Kings and others have used the Bible and assumptions based upon narratives in it to support the divine right of monarchs, but their arguments were weak. History is largely the story of governments coming and going, kings and rulers rising and falling. It is a rather bleak narrative and is not complimentary to humanity. It begs the question, “Does the Bible address human government?”
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Wokism: The Tedious Task of Explaining Nonsense

Anyone who loves God, cares for the truth, cherishes children, appreciates freedom, and desires better racial relationships in America understands that Wokism is decidedly not the answer. Can you, or rather, should you come to terms with such irrational and harmful thinking? Woke ideology is founded on lies. In a nutshell, it declares that whatever we say or believe is somehow “true” and whatever we want is “good,” and not to be denied. It is paganism and arrogance all rolled up in an untidy package, attempting once again to whitewash mankind’s sin.
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