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Christianity and Fatalism

In articles like these, I, and other writers, tend to focus on the alarming decay of the Christian worldview and value system in the United States. And, since the enemy's attacks on our culture truly are alarming, we are indeed making good use of our time in exposing them. However, it's also important to step back and consider just how much Christianity has influenced—and still persists in influencing—our culture. We still have many blessings to thank the Lord for, and there is still much to defend.
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Donald Trump: The Champion of Religious Freedom

In June, 2016, when candidate Trump promised a large gathering of evangelical Christian leaders that he was committed to defending our liberties, I was skeptical. Was he just trying to get our votes? Did he really care about our freedoms? Was he truly concerned that our rights were being eroded?

For more than two years, he has answered those questions emphatically. Yes, he is committed to defending our liberties. Yes, he really does care about freedoms. And yes, he is truly concerned that our rights are being eroded.

Now, the president has gone one step further, standing up for religious …

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