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Dr. Lutzer: When the State Becomes God

This last election cycle in Illinois is an indictment of our culture’s attitudes and beliefs. More and more of our neighbors, friends and family members are rejecting Biblical principles and values. The challenges we face today, and will face in the future, supersede politics.

Join us to hear from Dr. Erwin Lutzer as he teaches from his latest book, “The Church in Babylon,” answering the question, “How do we live faithfully in a culture that perceives our light as darkness?” We are hosting this special forum in hopes of educating, equipping and encouraging Christians to stand boldly in the public …

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Religious Persecution: Coming to America?

In 1929, Josef Stalin signed a law that dealt a devastating blow to religious freedom in Russia. For most of a century, Russian Christians suffered enormous persecutions for their faith. Some estimates suggest that as many as 20,000,000 Christians may have been martyred in prison camps in the 20th century for holding to their faith. One historian stated that over 85,000 Russian Orthodox Priests were shot in 1937 alone.

Communism, despite its slogans of equality and social utopia, has never come through on its promises. Stalin’s draconian measures were reaffirmed by Leonid Brezhnev’s updated legislation in 1975. A …

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May 7th — Islam in America: A Christian Response with Dr. Erwin Lutzer

Islam is on the rise around the world, whether it be terrorist activity in the Middle East or the increasing number of followers here in United States. Though these trends open up many opportunities to share the gospel, Christians also have reason for concern.

We have now reached a tipping point–the spread of Islam is rapidly altering the way we live. These changes are cause for alarm, for they endanger our freedoms of speech and religion.

Join us as we hear from Dr. Erwin Lutzer, pastor of Moody Church and the best selling of author of numerous books including …

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