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Do Not Be Conformed To This World

“My friend’s daughter went off to college, and now she’s a totally different person. It’s so sad.” How many times have you heard this story? I used to wonder how simply going to college could effect such a sudden and drastic worldview shift. I mean, going to a school couldn’t possibly change such a large thing as a worldview, especially one that has been held since childhood, right?
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Why Do So Many Protests Happen At College?

The pro-Palestinian organization Students for Justice in Palestine announced Thursday, October 12 to be a "Day of Resistance" and called for a coordinated series of protests on college campuses to support the Hamas attacks on Israel and speak out against "Zionism." And what a day it was.
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Is Higher Education Hopelessly Lost?

In late June of this year, the Brown University newspaper published a startling statistic: the percentage of LGBTQ+ students at this Ivy-League school has doubled since 2010. While the numbers from the fall of 2010 showed the student population at 86% heterosexual and 14% homosexual/bisexual, the most recent data from last spring reveals that the school is now only 60% heterosexual. The last 40% is a veritable miscellany of designations, including homosexual, bisexual, queer, questioning, pansexual, asexual, and "other."
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“Education” in a Pro-Propaganda Culture

On July 10 at Walled Lake Western High School in Michigan, popular teacher Justin Kucera who taught AP World History and coached varsity baseball and basketball and who by all accounts never brought his politics into his teaching or coaching was fired for tweeting, “I’m done being silent. Donald Trump is our president.” Meanwhile...
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PODCAST: Education in a Pro-Propaganda Culture

Twelve years ago when I was a member of the English Department at Deerfield High School on Chicago’s North Shore working full-time in the writing center, teachers Elliot Hurtig and Jeff Berger-White were teaching the repugnant play Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes, and Hurtig also taught the historically inaccurate Laramie Project, both plays of which espoused politically “progressive,” morally regressive views of homosexuality. Setting aside the egregious obscenity in Angels in America, I discussed with a purportedly Catholic writing center colleague the ethical problem of teachers presenting resources from only one side of …

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Thriving In Your Faith Through College

An event for parents & teens. Do you want your kids to follow Jesus for a lifetime? Many fall away during the college years. Do you have a plan to help your teenager keep their faith? Does your teenager have a plan to continue to follow Jesus through their post-high school years? In this unique seminar, Dr. Rob Rienow will equip you and your student with biblical principles and practical approaches for strengthening your relationships with each other and with Jesus.

This is a free event, but please RSVP to events@VisionaryFam.com

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What Will They Learn at College?

For many parents, August is a month of both pride and tears. Pride because their teenager is taking that big educational step and tears because for many it's the beginning of an empty nest. Yet, there's a going-away-to-college question that far too few parents ask or even contemplate: What will my youngster learn in college?
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