PODCAST: Cub Scouts Reject Girl Who Wishes She Were a Boy

“Progressives” and even some so-called “moderate” Republicans are attempting to diminish the import of allowing biological males and females to access restrooms, locker rooms, and even private clubs reserved for the opposite sex. Those who promote practices and policies that mandate sexual integration of heretofore single-sex facilities focus like a laser beam on two issues, hoping to blind the fearful masses to the larger issues and devastating cultural implications of the ultimate goal of sexual subversives: the eradication of all public recognition and accommodation of sexual differentiation.

The two issues the Left hyper-focuses on are the number of persons who reject their sex (few) and the absence of evidence that co-ed private spaces pose a risk to girls or women. What the Left intentionally ignores is the profound (and pernicious) cultural revolution toward which acceptance of their doctrinaire beliefs is propelling society.

A recent USA Today article provides yet more evidence that we are hurtling pell-mell toward the culmination of the cultural revolt against nature, commonsense, and decency that the blind Left covets.

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