Illinois Thinks it is a Better Parent than You
By Ron Citlau   |   03.05.20
Mandated Vaccines & the “LGBTQ” Agenda A troubling trend is occurring in Illinois. It has happened mostly in the background but has become visible with the introduction of two new proposed laws concerning vaccines. If these proposed laws were to...
Arthur Brooks is Wrong About Love—Reflections on his Speech at the National Prayer Breakfast
By Ron Citlau   |   02.12.20
Arthur Brooks, devoted Catholic, writer for the Washington Post, and professor at the Harvard Kennedy School, spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast last week. He is a compelling speaker who spoke clearly of his devotion to Jesus. His remarks were...
The House is on Fire
By Ron Citlau   |   02.04.20
Why Christians must engage the culture on sexual ethics or be responsible for our civilization’s demise As a Christian pastor, I am seeing a dangerous trend among American Christians: There seems to be a philosophical and theological framework developing in...
The Loss of Christianity at Christianity Today
By Ron Citlau   |   12.28.19
President Trump is a lightning rod for opinions in American Christianity. As a pastor, I know. Some of my Christian friends love Donald Trump’s personality, while others find it appalling. Some strongly support his policies, while others think he is...
Ron Citlau
Ron Citlau

Ron Citlau and his wife have been married for 15 years, have four boys and serve at Calvary Church in Orland Park. He is an ordained minister in the Reformed Church in America and has a Masters of Divinity from Western Seminary.  Ron has co-wrote, Compassion without Compromise: how to love your gay friends without losing the truth; and recently wrote, Hope for the Same-Sex Attracted. Follow him on Twitter @citlau

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