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Court Packing—Destabilizing and Unnecessary

The idea of expanding the size of the U.S. Supreme Court, also known as “court packing,” has surfaced once again, as it did after the Brett Kavanaugh appointment. Often mentioned is a proposal by Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of University of California Berkeley’s Law School. He favors increasing the size of the court to 13 instead of its current nine. There are other calls for a larger court, such as those produced by organizations like “Take Back the Court” and “Demand Justice.”
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Radical Berkeley College Students Seek to Ban Salvation Army from Campus

The far-left student government at the University of California-Berkeley is calling for the removal of Salvation Army donation boxes from the campus, charging that the charity organization is “homophobic.”

The Associated Students of the University of California have passed a resolution demanding that the university ban the Salvation Army’s Christmas appeal from university property.

“Cal is home to students of a multitude of backgrounds, including queer students, who may take offense to the presence of collection containers operated by a discriminatory religious organization,” the resolution reads.

“Allowing the Salvation Army to collect donations on campus…empowers the organization…to advocate discrimination against …

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