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Hate Hoaxes Have a Home Here

It was announced a week ago that the bizarre hate crime of which actor Jussie Smollett alleges he was a victim and the subsequent clean-up of his mess by incompetent fixer State’s Attorney Kim Foxx is going to be investigated by a special prosecutor. This turn of events reminded me of yard signs. On your leisurely summer walks, have you seen those yard signs that cropped up all over Illinois and other states over the past three years—you know, the ones with the banal expression “HATE HAS NO HOME HERE”? Who could disagree with such a statement, and, therefore, why …

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Twitter Enlists ‘Gay’ Thought Police

This cannot be good for free speech and the open exchange of ideas. Not for Christians and conservatives anyway.

Twitter announced on Wednesday that it has assembled a new “Twitter Trust & Safety Council” to “ensure that people feel safe expressing themselves on Twitter.”

Who’s for safety?

Yay safety!

Still, we need only look to the so-called “safe space” craze on America’s college campuses to gain a glimpse into what Twitter undoubtedly means here. Understand that, for the left, the word “safe” has nothing to do with, well, safety, and everything to do with censorship.

Let’s define the terms:


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