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Back to the Closet

Regressives, drunk on cultural power and sanctimony, steeped in vapid ideology, and patinated in faux-fragility demonstrate that history does, indeed, repeat itself as the political left again become oppressors.
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You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Or Can You?

In an essay published by the online magazine Quillette titled "'I Basically Just Made It Up': Confessions of a Social Constructivist," Christopher Dummitt, associate professor of Canadian Studies at Trent University, confesses to "making up" his argument in defense of the dubious proposition—now widely accepted in academia as well as the culture at large—that "gender" is a social construct.
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“Trans” Madness: De-Sexing the World

The “trans” rebellion against science, nature, and morality is well underway, trampling under its jackbooted stilettos athletic achievement; academic inquiry; physical privacy and safety; speech rights; religious rights; association rights; children’s needs and rights; parental rights; and the bodies of boys, girls, women, and men. “Trans”-cultists want everyone to accept their faith-based assumption that immaterial feelings are more real and more meaningful than objective biological sex. Daily, news stories emerge that attest to the “trans” madness that pursues the impossible: de-sexing the entire the world.

It’s important to bear in mind that in the service of effacing sex, “progressives” manipulate …

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