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Abortion And The Thirteenth Amendment

On Tuesday, July 12, 2022, Northwestern University hosted a webinar entitled, Implications of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization Decision. Faculty members of Northwestern participated in the webinar: Dr. Cassing Hammond (abortion practitioner), Professor Paul Gowder, Professor Heidi Kitrosser, Professor Andrew M. Koppelman, Professor Doreen Weisenhaus, and Dean Hari Osofsky (she/her) moderated the event.

The lament from these esteemed members of the once Christian Northwestern University is to be expected. I want to call attention specifically to Prof. Andrew Koppelman who claimed that the right to abortion should be protected by the 13th amendment.…

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Illinois Democrats Seek the Abolition of Sex-Segregated Bathrooms

The compulsory sexual integration of private spaces here in the Land of Degeneracy Lincoln continues apace, aided and abetted by rich men with perverse sexual fetishes, academicians with disordered sexual desires, and unprincipled, ignorant Democrat Lawmakers.

Two months ago, I first warned about a screwball amendment (HB 3195) to the “Equitable Restrooms Act,” which has now been passed by the muck-making bureaucracy we call the Illinois House of Representatives by a vote of 63-43 and is now being considered by the Illinois Senate. Here’s a section of that screwball, privacy-denying amendment:

The purpose of this Section is to

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What Our Taxes Subsidize
(Warning–It’s Creepy)

Before anyone gets angry at me for the content of this article, please understand that you have paid for the research I’m about to describe, so don’t shoot the messenger.

Our tax dollars are funding research into the deviant sexual practices of homosexuals—much of it conducted by homosexuals. While countless Americans struggle to feed their families, “progressives” in academia are scarfing up tax dollars to fund pseudo-science about perverse erotic interests and the harmful effects caused by those interests. Unless and until Americans hold their elected leaders accountable, this outrageous abuse of the public trust and scarce resources will continue.
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(Warning–It’s Creepy)

Gettin’ Freaky at Northwestern University

**WARNING — Graphic and Disturbing Content**

By now you’ve likely heard about Northwestern University professor, Dr. J. Michael Bailey’s invitation to “members of Chicago’s fetish community,” including an exhibitionist, to “educate” undergraduate students on the finer points of fetishism and sex toys.

With over one hundred students in attendance, the 25-year old female exhibitionist disrobed below her waist, thus enabling her 45-year-old fiance to insert into her a mechanical sex device and stimulate her to orgasm.

On WTTW’s Chicago Tonight, the exhibitionist, her fiance, and one of the lecturers from Weird Chicago Tours explained that when they arrived at …

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