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Necessary Gut-Check: Is Christianity Divisive?

Select a passerby at random on a crowded city street and ask him to describe Christians and you are likely to hear words like “judgmental, divisive, and narrow-minded”. In some circles, the word “Christian” has become synonymous with bigotry. Ironically, denigrating an entire group of people based on what they believe fulfills the definition of bigotry. Pot, meet Kettle. But is it true? Are Christians judgmental, divisive, and narrow-minded?

This line of attack is very familiar to conservatives, both in the political realm and the theological. It’s rooted in the Alinskian doctrine of Shame & Ridicule. Progressives have been using …

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Let’s Not Cut Christ to Pieces

Can Christians embrace a same-sex lifestyle and still be members in good standing in a Christian church? I've been asked to comment on the controversy provoked by a recent interview in the Atlantic with Alan Chambers, the president of Exodus International—an evangelical ministry founded to help Christians and non-Christians find freedom from the guilt and power of a same-sex lifestyle.
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