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The New Sex Primer

By the fall of 2017, kindergartners in Washington State will be taught to "understand the range of gender roles, identity, and expression across cultures."1 For those unclear about what precisely will be taught, the kindergarten curriculum developers provide a helpful glossary that includes a definition of "gender":
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The Left Just Wants You to Follow Your Dream, Right?

Why was Peter LaBarbera, a critic of the same-sex lobbies, recently jailed in Canada?  Why have Illinois Family Institute and Family Research Council been labeled “hate groups” by the Left?  In simple terms, because they oppose the acceptance of homosexual behavior as normal.

According to the Left no one has the right to “judge” or “impose” their moral standards on others.  The right to express one’s sexual desires, whatever they might be, is so absolute in the mind of the Left that to speak or act to challenge them is an unacceptable affront.

This is what I used to …

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