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Christianity and Science: Are They Compatible?

One of the main arguments against Christianity has existed in our modern society for longer than a century. It’s a major talking point debated by some of the smartest minds in this world. Some have dedicated their lives to proving this argument, and others to disproving it. It’s entirely relevant, certainly relatable, and based on something that controls much of the movement and forward progress of societies, cultures, and nations.
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A Thinking People’s Revolt

Science Uprising Pulls back the Curtain on Pseudo-Scientific Posturing

In the 1980s, Madonna captured the image of one girl’s shallow, self-absorbed life with her pop song, “Material Girl”:

You know that we are living in a material world
And I am a material girl.

The era’s personal materialism of “I like stuff” or “Stuff is all that matters” was also captured in TV teen Alex Keaton of the sitcom Family Ties. Individuals may not be so enamored today of material things, but there’s another kind of collective materialism that holds undue sway in our culture. I’m talking about …

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