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Verses Shared Every Two Seconds With Bible App
By   |   01.29.15
The Bible App developed by YouVersion, a ministry of LifeChurch.TV, reports there is one verse of scripture that is most popular for scripture users to read and share the most.
Comcast-Time Warner Merger Not Family-Friendly
By   |   09.02.14
Several pro-family organizations are speaking out in opposition to the proposed merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable.
Movie Critics ‘Bullying’ Traditional Values
By   |   05.16.14
The co-director of a family-friendly comedy that hit theaters last weekend says critics of the film are “bullying” the way of life it portrays, calling the movie “sexist” and “insulting.” Directed by brothers Jon and Andrew Erwin, Moms’ Night Out ...
Misuse of ‘Bert and Ernie’ Akin to Child Endangerment
By   |   07.01.13
Some pro-family organizations are rankled at the latest attempt by a liberal media outlet to co-opt two of America’s most beloved children’s pop culture icons on behalf of the pro-homosexual movement. The Muppets Bert and Ernie, perhaps the most recognized...
SCOTUS to Hear Challenge to State Marriage Laws
By   |   12.17.12
The future of the institution of marriage in the United States will be decided next year as the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) rules on two landmark cases.  The High Court has agreed to hear legal challenges to...
Atheists’ Threats Cause Removal of Christmas Cross in Illinois
By   |   12.03.12
The Freedom from Religion Foundation has pressured the mayor of Alsip, Illinois to discontinue erecting a cross on its water tower as part of its annual Christmas tradition. Mayor Patrick Kitching reports former Mayor Arnie Andrews started the tradition in...
Rallies for Religious Freedom
By   |   10.11.12
In addition to the IFI Religious Liberty Rally being held in Orland Park this Saturday morning (Oct. 13), a number of communities across the nation will host Stand Up for Religious Freedom  rallies on Saturday October 20.   This is the...
Thomas More Argues Abortion Case
By   |   09.25.12
Thomas More Society’s special counsel Paul Benjamin Linton, Esq., argued before the Illinois Supreme Court in Springfield Thursday, September 20, seeking to intervene in a lawsuit brought by the Illinois ACLU in an attempt to declare the Illinois Parental Notice...
Illinois RNC Delegates Hopeful About General Election
By   |   09.04.12
The Republican Illinois delegation has returned from the Republican National Convention.  The Prairie State sent 69 delegates (including ten alternates) to Tampa. On Thursday, August 30, the delegation heard Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney not only formally accept the nomination as...
New Bill Would Improve Protocol of OIG Investigations
By   |   08.06.12
Illinois State Representative Paul Evans (R-Highland) has introduced a law that would crackdown on the abuse of disabled people. His proposal would improve protocol of the Office of Inspector General (OIG) investigations. Features of the proposed law would amend the...
General Mills Comes Out of the Closet in Support of Gay Marriage
By   |   07.26.12
Another large company has recently come out of the corporate closet in support of same-sex marriage. Food giant General Mills has joined a growing list of corporate gay marriage supporters like Target and Starbucks. Speaking at a Gay Pride event...
Two Lawmakers Step Up to Defend Natural Marriage
By   |   07.24.12
Two Illinois state lawmakers are pushing back against an ACLU lawsuit seeking to overturn the Illinois’ 1996 marriage law that defines marriage as between one man and one woman.
Pro-Life Action League’s annual “Face the Truth” tour begins
By   |   07.09.12
The Pro-Life Action League Face the Truth Tour 2012 kicked off Friday, July 7, in Joliet and Shorewood with pictures representing the nearly 4,000 children whose lives are legally terminated through abortion every day. With its 13th annual tour, organizers...
Catholics Sue Over Health Care Mandate
By   |   06.15.12
In late May more than 40 Catholics organizations and diocese filed suit against the federal government over the national health care mandate. The lawsuit comes just two months before the Affordable Care Act begins its gradual conversion into government provided...
Chick-fil-A Under Attack in Illinois
By   |   04.26.12
Some Fighting Illini are battling to block the opening of a new fast-food franchise on the University of Illinois campus.  A collection of students, faculty and staff contend Atlanta-based Chick-fil-A embraces a corporate culture that is “anti-gay” and doesn’t match...
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