Best High Schools in Illinois?!
By Tom Burrows   |   05.10.23
On April 18, 2023, WGN in Chicago reported on the 30 best high schools in Illinois, so the Good Soil Good Seed Foundation (GS2) looked into how Illinois students scored on standardized tests.  We specifically wanted to know how many students were at grade-level proficiency in two core subject areas -- reading and math.  
It Is Time to Exit Illinois Public Schools: A Businessman’s Perspective
By Tom Burrows   |   08.04.22
Business leaders are tasked with developing and executing strategies that lead to desired results, namely, to maximize shareholder value in a manner that is honest, moral, and upright.  Successful businesses measure their performance in a myriad of ways and use these results to implement changes, if needed, to achieve desired results... Why is this not the case for the Illinois Public School system?
Tom Burrows
Tom Burrows

Multi-time CEO, President and C-suite executive, Tom Burrows, is a business leader and public speaker with a proven track record of success.  He has 35+ years in executive leadership with companies like Pepsi-Cola, ConAgra Brands, Givaudan Flavors, ADM and several successful start-ups.  Tom started the highly successful Goddard School in Edwardsville, Illinois, a early-childhood school focused on learning thru play for children as young as 6-weeks to 5 years of age.  He has a passion for God, education, life-long learning and children.

Tom’s distinguished track record in business, using his faith as his North Star, gives him a unique perspective on leadership, education and just how delicate liberty is in America.  He encourages families to get out of the broken government run education system in favor of various education options that helped  make America the greatest country in the history of man.

Tom recently left the corporate-world to have more time with family and has since joined the Illinois Family Institute (IFI) working on the Public School Exit (PSE) team.  PSE’s mission is to rescue our children from a government school system that has proven to be intentionally detrimental to our foundations of faith and patriotism; and to promote home schooling and biblically based private schools as the preferred alternative for parents, churches and others who are interested in the proper discipleship of their children.

Tom has a degree in Economics from the University of Wisconsin and a MBA from the University of Chicago – Booth School of Business.

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