Better Off Dead
By Stacy McDonald   |   02.08.19
I was born in the 60’s with spina bifida to a 16-year-old unwed mother before it was legal to kill unplanned, unwanted, and/or damaged children. I was all three. But “killed” isn’t a nice word, so, maybe I should modify my terminology like a recent couple who claims to have aborted their 22-week-old daughter with spina bifida, out of a “desire to free [her] from a life of likely suffering.” They claim to have made the decision “entirely for her.”
Stacy McDonald
Stacy McDonald

Stacy McDonald is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur; but, most importantly, she is a mother, grandmother, and wife of a retired pastor. Originally from Houston, Texas, Stacy now lives with her family in a small farming community in Illinois.

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