Boycotting Target – Why We Shouldn’t Stop and What You Can Do
By Richard M. Hartian   |   09.28.16
The world knows what Target ushered in on April 19th 2016 – from that politically motivated announcement that pronounced to all men everywhere – come use the bathroom with our daughters and wives millions of people made the decision...
What Does a Miscarriage Teach You About Abortion
By Richard M. Hartian   |   07.30.14
What does a miscarriage teach you? Well, a lot really. Much depends upon how you personally have chosen to view life - your world view. Family is deeply important to all of us, both those that believe in God and those that don’t.


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Richard M. Hartian
Richard M. Hartian

Richard Hartian is a board member for Illinois Family Action, a husband and father of 4.  He is a business man and Christian blogger who blogs at

You can also follow Richard on Twitter: @RichardHartian

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