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Losing Our Religion

The Left seeks to control our language in order to control culture by making it impossible to express ideas they detest. They seek both to ban words and to determine how terms are used. That is why pronouns no longer correspond to biological sex but to subjective feelings about one’s biological sex. In order to both enhance their victim status and to erase from the public square any expressions of moral disapproval, they are working feverishly to control the language.
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Rush Limbaugh, the Drag Queen & the Judge

What one subject could possibly bring together radio host Rush Limbaugh, drag queen Ru Paul, and Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia?

It is the “T” word in the LGBTQ acronym, “transgender,” now hailed by Time Magazine as the new civil rights frontier.

And for Rush and Ru, it is the “tranny” word in particular that brings them together.

Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction.

Before broaching this topic, however, it’s important to remember that many people do suffer terribly because of gender identity issues, sometimes to the point of suicide, and as I’ve said many times before, whatever we …

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