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The Rage of Leftist Book-Banners

In response to last week’s article on Banned Books Week, multiple homosexuality-affirming websites have been apoplectic about the five story ideas about homosexuality and gender confusion I mentioned, particularly the hypothetical picture book about a bird who experiences joy when, after the deaths of her fathers, she is adopted by a father and mother.

These websites make two errors: They twist what I actually said (no surprise there) and ignore the fact that I wasn’t recommending any of the hypothetical books. Rather, I was wondering aloud whether librarians would apply consistently their own anti-book-banning propositions. I was wondering if they

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Did You Know a Married Mom and Dad Really Do Matter?

Of these two, which headline about the same “study” do you guess was seen by more people?:

1. Children with same-sex parents happier and healthier than those from traditional families, study shows

2. Is Same-Sex Parenting Better for Kids? The New Australian Study Can’t Tell Us

BarbWire, the conservative news website, is posting an excerpt from #2, which is an article by Mark Regnerus published at the Public Discourse website. But the liberal press went gaga over this junk science news item and headlines like #1 were a lot easier to find. BarbWire contributor Bill Muehlenberg, who lives …

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Michael Sam and Cultural Degradation

For the homosexuality-affirming movement to hold culture tightly in its foul grip, those for whom same-sex attraction and activity define “identity” must capture the hearts and minds of children who are our future. Hence the unholy clutching and scrabbling to rule public schools, even at the expense of intellectual freedom, diversity, and exploration.

They must also capture the hearts and minds of men—who are by nature leaders of culture. Hence the unholy scrabbling and clutching to transmogrify bastions of masculinity: the Boy Scouts of America, the military, and sports.

Those who find the video of homosexual NFL draftee Michael Sam

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