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Project Veritas’ Exposé of PBS Attorney’s Dark Heart

Those who have worked closely with leftists or who have been exposed to their beliefs in other ways know what evil lurks in the hearts of many of them. Yet, it’s still shocking to hear them express their views aloud. Thanks to Project Veritas, we now have a clearer picture of the evil that lurks at PBS and anywhere else leftists live and move and have their being.

In a must-see-to-believe undercover video, Michael Beller, “a contracts lawyer in PBS’ general counsel office,” shares the sentiments and dreams of leftists. Don’t be deceived by his firing that he …

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Facebook Removes IFI’s Sesame Street Post

Well, well, well, the Facebook Overlords were busy censoring even on Sunday. Neither peace nor rest for the wicked, it seems.

Sunday, IFI was notified that the Overlords, in their infinite ignorance, had determined that a post written and posted on IFI’s Facebook page by me on Thursday night violated their “Community Standards” on “Hate Speech.” The post was about the openly homosexual, flamboyant, cross-dressing actor Billy Porter’s upcoming appearance on Sesame Street—a PBS television program for preschoolers paid for by the public (Add this appearance to the swelling list of ways the normalization of sexual deviance affects everyone

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Torturing Language to Kill Humans

Euphemistic language is an essential tool of all efforts to promote evil as good. Watch anti-life, anti-woman, anti-human-rights “feminist” Sophie Lewis defend human slaughter through such absurd language-torturing that it would be comical if it weren’t serving such an evil end:
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