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America’s Comeback Tour: An Evening with Nigel Farage

Join with FreedomWorks and Illinois Conservative Union as we host Nigel Farage (Mr. Brexit), the man who lit the fire under one of the largest and most effective grassroots movements in history. What Nigel started with Brexit was amplified here in the States with the election of President Donald J. Trump.
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How Democracies Perish

If you thought it was strange that conservative columnist Pat Buchanan has become a passionate defender of Vladimir Putin, brace yourself for the fact that “far-right” French politician Marine Le Pen has also praised the former KGB officer. Putin’s posture as a “Christian” has made inroads in Europe, with Le Pen telling the Austrian daily Kurier that Putin defends “common values” and the “Christian heritage.”

Le Pen’s National Front party (FN), once considered a refuge for neo-Nazis, was the top vote-getter in France’s European elections, with 25.41 percent.

In Britain, the UK Independence Party (UKIP) came out on top, …

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