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Mad. Hot. The ‘Resistance’ Is Seething

Looking at the current political and cultural climate in Washington, D.C., you might get the idea that the ruling class is in the midst of a conniption.  Even the walls of the National Cathedral are vibrating with weirdness – more about that later.

In “Summer of Our Discontent,” Washington Post staff writer Dan Zak lays out the mood gripping Washington, D.C., or, as the headline in last Tuesday’s Style section describes it, “the capital of the resistance.”  Here’s the third paragraph:

“Here we all are. The start of a mad hot American summer in the nation’s capital. A president violating …

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The Failure of Leftist Restraint

The shooting of GOP House Whip Steve Scalise and several other Republicans during an early morning baseball practice this month is as unsurprising as it was dreadful. Some of our deepest expectations were realized in that moment, as the furious rhetoric being churned out by the Left finally expressed itself in the ultimate form of contempt: an attempt to assassinate political leaders.

It wasn’t hard to predict where our national discourse was taking us. For years in the halls of Congress and in the courts, we’ve been engaged in a civil war. There’s been a marked increase in the use …

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