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Christians, the Church, and the State

I’d like to offer a few words about the separation of church and state—a concept long abused by “progressives.” The religion clauses of the First Amendment were intended to protect religion from the intrusive power of the state, not the reverse. The Establishment Clause states that “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion.” That does not mean religious convictions are prohibited from informing political values and decisions...
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“Is this Really Newsworthy?”

That was what I told the TV reporter the other day when he asked for my thoughts on NBA player Jason Collins. In spite of that comment, they came to my office for the interview anyway.
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Who’s More Courageous: Jason Collins or ESPN Analyst Chris Broussard?

ESPN sports analyst and columnist Chris Broussard was asked for his “take” on the announcement by NBA player Jason Collins that he is homosexual. Broussard responded and has been pilloried for not having the culturally approved “take.”

Broussard, who is a Christian, shared his view that homosexual acts are sinful and that one cannot engage in homosexual acts—or any other biblically proscribed sexual acts—and still remain in a right relationship with God. Here is that short ESPN video

Two days later he appeared on a radio program and offered a remarkable defense of the Christian position on homosexuality. He …

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Jason Collins’ Courage?

As most of the nation now knows, NBA player Jason Collins recently announced in a splashy Sports Illustrated article that he is homosexual, an announcement characterized by White House Spokesman Jay Carney as courageous.

After President Barack Obama had concluded a press conference and left the lectern, a reporter asked a question about Jason Collins. Obama uncharacteristically returned to the lectern to say that he “ couldn’t be prouder” of Jason Collins for announcing he is homosexual. What a dispiriting time and place this is that the president of this great but declining nation can’t think of any action that …

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