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They Were Warned

Big Marijuana and its foolish proponents easily convinced Illinois state lawmakers that legalization would decrease black market trade and ease the burden on our criminal justice system. IFI warned them that this naive notion was contradicted by the facts, and we shared ample evidence from states that had already approved “recreational” marijuana. The evidence is clear: the black market had been thriving because of legalization.

Now we read that the California cannabis industry is in big trouble and want lawmakers to do something about it. What’s their problem? The black market is doing 73 percent of California’s marijuana business –

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What Will You Do About It?

Are you aware that legalizing high potency marijuana is one of governor-elect JB Pritzker’s stated top priorities when he is sworn in as governor in January? Are you concerned about your children or grandchildren getting hooked on drugs and the anticipated increase in drugged drivers on our roads?

There is no question about the negative impact legalization of high potency marijuana is having in other states. The social costs are staggering.

Don’t believe Big Marijuana. They have one goal – to make a ton of money.

IFI has been working hard to make people aware of the dangers associated with …

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