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Pithy Prayers

The most common nickname for Chicago is The Windy City. I used to think it referred to the weather. But Chicago is not even in the top one hundred cities for wind velocity. The nickname actually derives from gasbag politicians. Chicago has a long history of hosting political conventions—infamous for interminable speeches.
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Pastor David Jones on Homosexuality and Marriage

There has been a sustained assault on truth with regard to sexuality for the last 55 years. For the last 45 years that assault has included successful efforts to normalize homosexuality and gender dysphoria, efforts that have intensified over the last decade.

While this has been happening, many church leaders have failed to address adequately or at all issues related to homosexuality. Some have failed because they remain ignorant of the nature and implications of the “LGBT”-affirming juggernaut, which undermines truth and respect for the authority of Scripture and threatens the temporal and eternal lives of those who experience homoerotic …

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