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Stonestreet: The Sexual Revolution: Its Ideas and Its Victims

What grounds human dignity? Without the answers that the Christian ideas of inherent dignity and equality provide, the culture turns to sex.

In the first session at the 2019 IFI Worldview Conference, John Stonestreet spoke on what it means to be human. In his second lecture, available here, he speaks on the sexual revolution and how culture has completely sexualized their answer to what it means to be human. After identifying the three major ideas of the sexual revolution, Stonestreet presents the redeemed reality of these ideas in light of the human dignity God has given us.

Please watch and …

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Marijuana and Psychosis

The pitfalls and perils of marijuana legalization are well-documented. But whenever we discuss that research here on BreakPoint, we’re accused of not having the right research. What that means is that we’ve used studies that contradict the very vocal advocates of weed.Well, let’s see what happens when we cite The British journal The Lancet, which, along with the New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Association, is considered the “gold standard” for peer-reviewed medical research. It doesn’t get more “real” than being published in The Lancet.

A just-published study in The Lancet

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Worldview Work Isn’t Optional

Some are saying that Christians have lost the culture. But what if it was never a war to win, instead it was a calling to embrace? If there is an overarching theme for BreakPoint—starting with Chuck Colson and now with Eric Metaxas and me—it’s culture.  Specifically, how Christians can understand it, engage it, confront it, even restore it—through the clarity of a Christian worldview. As Brett Kunkle and I explain in our book, “A Practical Guide to Culture,” what we mean by culture is not some mysterious thing cloistered in art museums. No, culture is the…
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Religion, the Great Economic Engine

Guess who has the world’s 15th largest economy, right between Russia and Australia? American religion. Yep.
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